Peter Cavelti,
Adventure Traveler

In his early twenties, Peter crossed the African continent by car and backpacked through Asia and South America. During his career years, he took time out to explore Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. With his wife Caroline, he hiked the Golden Triangle and trekked in Morocco, Nepal and Bhutan. Caroline and Peter also participated in the first Canadian expedition to the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang. Other adventures, some with children and grandchildren, followed.

Some of Peter’s travelogues are captured

1971 – After Africa —
Where To Next?

There they are, in a small alcove in the entrance hall to our house: the bow, quiver and arrows given to me in exchange for my food pack by the...

1971 – Bangkok: Two Soldiers On Leave From Vietnam

At the Bangkok airport a uniformed man held up a sign with my name on it. Imagine me, a 23 year-old with his backpack, wearing dusty boots and a well-worn...

1991 – The Golden
Triangle: How Do You
Thank An Elephant

Here we are, on the back of a pickup truck in Northern Thailand’s hill country, headed for the Golden Triangle. Diesel fumes rise from under the vehicle as it crawls...

1992 – The Kingdom of Mustang

We had done some reading. Caroline had managed to obtain a 1965 National Geographic edition that featured the French explorer Michel Peissel’s previous year’s trip to Lo Mantang, the walled...

2001 – All About

A travelogue focusing on the remote and pristine Himalayan Kingdom. Is its economic and political system really arranged around the idea of a Gross Happiness Product, as the New York...