Thoughtful Giving

In our quest to give well, we’ve had insights we’d like to share. Here is a sampling of essays that may help you on your philanthropic journey.

Thoughtful Giving, Part 1

Introduction Let me start this guide with a bold statement. The vast majority of charities are poorly managed and don’t put nearly enough of the funds they receive toward their...

Thoughtful Giving, Part 2

The Many Faces of Charity (Frank’s Approach and Other Popular Delusions) The number of registered charities and non-profits is staggering. In Canada, there are some 86,000 registered charities and an...

Giving, Part 3

Navigating The Charitable Map (Thoughts About Human Failures and Hopes for a Better Future) What kind of cause resonates with you? If you’d asked me this question when I was...

Giving, Part 4

How Many Causes Should We Support? (Why We Cut the Number of Favoured Charities) For most of us, the practice of charitable giving is not something that follows a defined...

Giving, Part 5

A Donor’s Rights (Honouring a Donor’s Rights Means Being Accountable) What rights does a donor have? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that. In the end, your enthusiasm for...

Giving, Part 6

A comprehensive list of vetted sites and informative articles Peter recommends to further your knowledge on the charitable universe.