We help institutions and sizeable private investors devise investment strategies that reflect their objectives and risk tolerance.

  • We assist individuals and corporations in analyzing their current relationships with banks, brokerage firms and money managers, ensuring that they are treated fairly and that their goals and concerns are understood and met.

If you have a substantial asset base, chances are
that we can help you achieve substantial cost savings, reduce risk and enhance your investment returns.

  • We help individual and institutional investors stay ahead of global economic, geopolitical and demographic changes.
  • Drawing on our extensive experience in the area of natural resources,
we advise investors on building and maintaining exposure to this sector.

We can help you with your gold purchases and
storage, relying on our vast experience of more
than five decades in this area.

  • Having managed some of the world’s largest precious metals funds,
chances are we can be of service when it comes to timing your gold purchases. We can also arrange for the physical storage of gold in
Canada, the U.S. and prime international locations.
  • If you are new to the gold market, we can help you find the investments
that best fit your objectives.

Peter Cavelti’s investment experience spans more than 50 years and four continents.
If our services are of interest to you, please contact us at calconsult@cavelti.com