Gold Updates

A New Vocabulary

Peter comments on the overall investment environment and provides a comprehensive analysis of gold: as an asset of last resort, as a currency, as a commodity and as a potent...

Gold: Narrative and Reality

We review gold’s fundamentals and conclude that they’ve rarely looked this constructive. We also take a close look at different gold investment alternatives.

An Update on Gold, A Primer on Cryptos

Several readers have asked about crypto-currencies, especially in the context of the dramatic advance most digital assets experienced between early February and mid-April. Did the crypto space attract capital that...

Gold: Ready for Round Two

We review the yellow metal’s explosive rise and the healthy correction that followed. Looking forward, we offer seven reasons why another robust advance should soon unfold. We continue to view...

Gold and Money

In today’s update we explore gold’s monetary role, in history and in today’s context. Peter Cavelti also responds to the two questions he is asked most frequently

Gold: A Healthy, Sustainable Uptrend

Money supplies are sky-rocketing, debt is being monetized, interest rates are falling.

Three Tests for Gold

Because the recent fall in gold prices begs for a comprehensive reassessment, we subject the yellow metal to three tests.

Gold Offers Solid Value

The mechanics of financial markets frequently defy logic, which means that we cannot forecast the timing or extent of gold’s next movements.

Gold and Gold Stocks

After spending two decades in a protracted downtrend, it’s time to reconsider gold. We’re looking at gold’s technical and fundamental positions and explain how we’ve positioned ourselves to take advantage.