Peter’s work has been internationally published. His critically acclaimed social study of colonialism, Tuiavii’s Way: A South Sea Chief’s Comments on Western Society, is a designated study material at universities in the U.S. and abroad. He is also the author of a novel, A Dangerous Remedy, and a memoir, Moments In Time.

Peter also has hundreds of published papers to his credit. He was a Contributing Editor and columnist with The Money Letter, Personal Finance and Physicians Monthly, Market Report and Perspectives. His commentaries on geo-political and socio-economic issues have been widely quoted. Published by McGraw Hill, Follett Publishing and McClelland & Stewart, his early works on gold, silver and strategic metals became classics.

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Thoughtful Giving

The vast majority of charities are poorly managed and don’t put nearly enough of the funds they receive toward their stated goal. And when they do, it’s often not in a timely or impactful manner....

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Moments In Time:

This first volume of Peter Cavelti’s retrospective is a chronicle of the joys and tensions under the surface of bourgeois family life in rural Switzerland, followed by an account of his rebel years as a...

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Moments In Time:
Finding My Way, Sharing

In the second part of his memoir, Peter Cavelti chronicles his arrival in Toronto, where he easily settles into the city’s bohemian and corporate worlds and embarks on a most unusual business career. Torn between...

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Moments In Time:
Family, Gratitude

This final volume of “Moments In Time” is all about Peter Cavelti’s quest to build a family, share experiences and build memories. As episodes of undreamed-of elation and deep tragedy unfold, we meet colourful characters...

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Tuiavii’s Way

“Before the two friends parted for the last time, Tuiavii had this to say: Your people thought they were bringing us light. But in reality you want to draw us into your darkness.” Tuiavii, a...

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A Dangerous Remedy

The choice is yours – do you have the courage to leave me? The sardonic edge to David’s voice is the sound of Claudia’s nightmares. She’s falling head-long into a black chasm, his ominous words...

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New Profits in Gold, Silver, Strategic Metals

New Profits in Gold, Silver, Strategic Metals A comprehensive work on precious and non-ferrous metals, their history, markets and investment vehicles. Sections of this book have been reprinted in countless other publications. A classic! Published...

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How To Invest In Gold

This primer on gold is somewhat dated, but the various investment techniques are still valid. Published by McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, in 1979 and 1981. Published by Follett Publishing, Chicago, in 1979. “A practical primer...

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Interview with the author as featured on Amazon’s Peter C. Cavelti Author page.


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