Tuiavii’s Way

Tuiavii’s Way – A South Sea Chief’s Comments on Western Society

Before the two friends parted for the last time, Tuiavii had this to say: Your people thought they were bringing us light. But in reality you want to draw us into your darkness.

Tuiavii, a Samoan chief, traveled to Europe at the turn of the 20th century and wrote a commentary condemning the very foundations of Western society. Today, his words promise to cast a spell over a new generation of readers, touching on the nearly-lost sentiments of humanity – love and compassion – in our hearts and minds.

By looking at ourselves through Tuiavii’s eyes we can perceive the loss of simplicity and humanity in our society. Yet each page, filled with Tuiavii’s insight, brings us closer to the truth and, ultimately, to understanding ourselves. Tuiavii’s speeches have been masterfully translated in this work, and presented with cultural and literary perspectives that set the tone for a deeper understanding.