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Peter C. Cavelti

The New Concensus

Gold is up, the dollar down, and Wall Street has a whole new consensus—as always offered with enormous confidence. We explain why some of the assumptions are wrong. Our formula for financial success: be aware of the challenges at hand, consider various possible outcomes and, as they become more defined, react and adjust.

The Real Threats

Centralization is closing in on every front, threatening to upend the geopolitical balance, the social order, and the way we’ve lived and related for the past many decades. We explain how military, trade and corporate alliances undermine our wellbeing.

On Cynicism

How not to be cynical when corruption stares you in the face? Peter dives into the root causes of our many systemic problems, reviews the geo-political and social landscape and offers his latest investment recommendations.

Deviations from the Norm – II

We comment on out-of-control monetary and fiscal policies, the most challenging macro outlook in decades, and the fact that key asset classes remain overvalued. We also revisit our portfolio strategy, which is designed to navigate a constantly changing environment.

Webcast Interview

Another well-reviewed interview with Matt Smith, hosted by Doug Casey. Duration: one hour. This episode focuses on the overall investment climate and what role gold can play.

The Liberal World Order

Peter offers his perspective on the “Liberal World Order” touted by the Biden administration and various European governments. He also reviews the negative socio-political, financial and economic consequences of current policies.

Lies, Nothing But Lies

In this issue we focus on sociopathic politicians, the central bank dilemma and the inevitability of social chaos, as well as Europe’s self-destructive agenda. We reiterate the need for continuous portfolio adjustments.

What Next?

With inflation raging and markets taking a hard hit, central banks have run out of acceptable options. With a view on preserving capital, we re-examine the merits of cash and take a close look at various asset classes, from stocks and bonds to gold and cryptos.

George Orwells 1984

The Ministry of Truth

Today’s Strategic Update covers a range of topics: government’s relentless attempts to regulate everything, Big Technology’s push toward surveillance and narrative control, the consequences of the Ukraine war, and how to invest in a climate of extreme uncertainty.

Webcast: Peter Cavelti and Doug Casey

Enjoy the replay. Duration: 1:07:33. Host Matt Smith and Doug Casey interview Peter, exploring topics as diverse as the Ukraine crisis, manufactured media narratives, government overreach, central bank policy, information overload and the investment outlook.

The Unintended Consequences of Sanctions

Six weeks into the Ukraine war, we examine the West’s sanctions against Russia and identify a long list of unintended consequences, many of which will aggravate worldwide shortages and price pressures. We also explain why the sanctions will accelerate the transition from an Ameri-centric order to a multi-polar world.