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Peter C. Cavelti

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Geopolitical, social, technological and economic realities are not only deeply intertwined, but also capable of affecting each other. Still, most analysts of current events focus only on one particular area. In this issue, we examine the profound changes all around us.

Ignorance and Apathy

Increasingly, politicians, corporate leaders and academia manufacture narratives and sideline competing views. What surprises is the willingness of the populace to accept even the most obvious misrepresentations, provided they are repeated by a compliant media complex. We explore the social and financial consequences.

Questions You Asked

An unusual number of reader questions prompt us to go deeper on four key topics: government debt defaults, the ongoing banking crisis, our portfolio composition, and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

What Debt Ceiling?

The debt-ceiling scare and the banking crisis have receded into the background, but the underlying problems remain unaddressed. We take a closer look at indebtedness globally and weigh the risk of a recession. And finally, we look at investments appropriate for today’s challenging environment.

Crumbling Confidence

Americans are not alone in losing trust in their government, and for good reason. But, as we explain, trouble in the United States will seriously undermine global stability. The economic, social and geo-political implications are enormous.

The Banks, Again

The collapse of three regional U.S. banks and giant Credit Suisse raises questions. Are financial markets and the economy in for a 2008-like swoon? As Peter Cavelti explains, challenges abound, but central bank policies will determine much of the outcome.

Webcast Interview: Investing Amidst Chaos

‘Market Sniper’ host Francis Hunt interviews Peter Cavelti: duration 56 minutes. The discussion focuses on the challenges of preserving capital in a rapidly changing economic, social and geopolitical environment. Peter explores the importance of stock selection and the virtues of gold.

The New Concensus

Gold is up, the dollar down, and Wall Street has a whole new consensus—as always offered with enormous confidence. We explain why some of the assumptions are wrong. Our formula for financial success: be aware of the challenges at hand, consider various possible outcomes and, as they become more defined, react and adjust.

The Real Threats

Centralization is closing in on every front, threatening to upend the geopolitical balance, the social order, and the way we’ve lived and related for the past many decades. We explain how military, trade and corporate alliances undermine our wellbeing.

On Cynicism

How not to be cynical when corruption stares you in the face? Peter dives into the root causes of our many systemic problems, reviews the geo-political and social landscape and offers his latest investment recommendations.

Deviations from the Norm – II

We comment on out-of-control monetary and fiscal policies, the most challenging macro outlook in decades, and the fact that key asset classes remain overvalued. We also revisit our portfolio strategy, which is designed to navigate a constantly changing environment.