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A Dangerous Remedy

By Peter C. Cavelti

The choice is yours – do you have the courage to leave me? The sardonic edge to David’s voice is the sound of Claudia’s nightmares. She’s falling head-long into a black chasm, his ominous words accompanying her descent.

Breathtaking in its suspense and moral scope, A Dangerous Remedy is the story of retired investment banker Christian Unger’s terrifying journey to protect his family from the psychotic wrath of his lover Claudia’s ex-husband, David Talbot. As Christian confronts the frightening possibilities of David’s vindictiveness, he’s forced to cross moral boundaries – the comfortable absolutes of ethical purpose – and stumbles into the deeper recesses of motivation, a netherworld of brutal compromises where there are no easy answers, only survival. And murder.

A profound, highly readable meditation on the extreme measures we will take, the dark pragmatism we will embrace, when the object of our love is threatened by those who would extinguish its light!