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Cavelti & Associates helps institutions and  individuals stay abreast of geopolitical and demographic changes.

Most corporations and individuals with sizable portfolios need help. Our team will analyze your investment requirements and preferences and see whether your current strategy is appropriate, whether you work with the right institutions and whether the fees you pay are justified. Special emphasis is given to achieving asset diversification–by institution, by geography and by asset class.

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Peter Cavelti’s essays have been printed and quoted in papers, magazines and newsletters internationally, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Financial Times, the Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Money, Personal Finance and World Link.

Peter releases new commentary as inspired by current events and the desire to share information with an independent, unbiased voice.



On this site, in chronological order, is a repository of our website commentaries published during the past 20 years. They range from travelogues and social criticism to economic commentary and financial advice.

Quarterly letters posted during the past five years may be read in full, while the best of our older communications appear in abbreviated form. You can also access the most relevant issues of Perspectives, the weekly review we published from 1999-2006. Perspectives was designed to benefit charity—in lieu of paying us a fee, subscribers had to support Doctors Without Borders. We had many thousands of subscribers in over 40 countries. 

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During my more than 50 years in the investment business, I’ve been responsible for client accounts ranging from one million to well over one billion dollars. I’ve developed a very simple philosophy, which I believe distinguishes us from virtually all financial organizations:

  • We are fiercely independent and free of any conflicts of interest
  • Beyond our advisory fee, we will not benefit from any of our recommendations
  • Our recommendations will always be based on a client’s needs and objectives
  • We will think outside the box—global change is not a threat, but an opportunity
  • We will work hard to keep fees and expenses under control

My daughter, Melissa Cavelti, brings considerable experience to our firm as well. A business graduate of Northwestern University and a Chartered Financial Analyst, Melissa has been in the financial industry for 25 years. As a member of the Strategic Planning Committee at RBC Dominion Securities and later as Managing Director at Bank of Montreal Nesbitt Burns, her responsibilities included the supervision of highly successful portfolio management and research teams.

At Cavelti & Associates Ltd. we try to share our knowledge base with our clients. Our regular strategic updates, coupled with hundreds of research essays, many of which have been published in major financial media, address the complex geopolitical, economic and social policy issues which have such influence on today’s investment scene.

If our services are of interest to you, please contact us.

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Peter Cavelti’s business background spans more than 50 years and four continents.

Melissa Cavelti, CFA, has over 25 years in the field of investment analysis and research, supervising  highly successful portfolio   management groups at major banks.

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