Awakening New Perspectives

Peter Cavelti was born and educated in Switzerland. His background as an investment professional spans more than 50 years and four continents. After arriving in North America, he spent more than a decade with Guardian Trustco, a Canadian banking group, where he was in charge of the firm’s international division and its investment management activities. In 1982, he became President and CEO of Guardian Trustco International. He later established his own firm, Cavelti Capital Management Ltd., where he oversaw sizeable mutual fund and private client assets.

Peter Cavelti was among the first investment managers to recognize some of the defining trends of our time, such as the ascent of the emerging economies and more recently the dramatic reversal of globalization. Peter’s books and essays on geopolitics, demographic change, natural resources, gold and the debasement of money have been internationally published. He is also the author of a critically acclaimed social study of colonialism, a novel and a memoir.

Peter Cavelti has served as a director of numerous public and private corporations in North America and abroad. He was also active in the public sector, most notably as an advisor to the Government of Canada, whom he assisted with the conception and marketing of the Gold Maple Leaf program, and the Province of Ontario, for whom he chaired an advisory board of the Ontario Securities Commission.

Finally, Peter is deeply engaged with philanthropy. He has been an advisor to globally active organizations, has done advocacy work for community-focused charities and has been involved with rating service Charity Intelligence. He is a partner in the Swiss-based International Board Foundation’s Center for Corporate Governance, specializing in philanthropic oversight.

Our Research

We share our knowledge by making our research freely available. In our Strategic Updates we offer our insights into the complex geopolitical, economic and social policy issues which have such influence on today’s investment scene. Based on his experience of more than 50 years, Peter Cavelti interprets current events with an independent, unbiased voice.

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Our Services

During our 50 years in the investment business, we’ve been responsible for private and institutional client accounts ranging from $250,000 to well over one billion dollars. Over time, we have developed a simple philosophy based on fierce independence and avoidance of any conflicts of interest.

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Peter Cavelti’s work has been internationally published. It encompasses a wide range of topics, from geopolitical and socio-economic perspectives, to a highly acclaimed social study, a novel and a memoir.

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In his travelogues, Peter takes us to far-flung places like Afghanistan, Uganda, Bolivia and Bhutan, sharing experiences of both exotic cultures and unsurpassed natural splendour.

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Thoughts On Giving

The vast majority of charities are poorly managed and don’t put nearly enough of donations toward their stated goal. And when they do, it’s often not in a timely or impactful manner. By depriving unworthy causes of our support and allocating our grants to the best, we can make a true difference. We’re delighted to share what we’ve learned.

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Causes We Support

Cavelti Family Foundation was established in 2010. From the beginning, our focus was on supporting the most worthy causes, a task far more demanding than we could have imagined. We show you which charities we’ve come to admire and why we feel they deserve our help.

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